Galway Writers' Workshop

Galway Writers' Workshop meets each Saturday between 3 pm and 5 pm. Although organised and maintained by Crannóg magazine in association with Wordsonthestreet publishers it is a peer-led workshop ie there is no one facilitator.

Members bring copies (usually 6-8) of their work (poetry, fiction, drama, memoir etc), read it aloud and have it critiqued by the other members. Usually about 15 minutes is allotted to each reader. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive and criticism is always constructive. Membership is free.

Intending members must first contact Gerardine Burke at:

Tell her about

  1 your previous writing experience,

  2 publications if any,

  3 classes attended etc and

  4 what you hope to gain from the workshop.

Gerardine will then get back to you about your application.


Crannóg acknowledges the assistance of:

Arts Council of Ireland, Galway City Council,The Galway Language Centre, Mill Street Study Centre

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