Thirty-five a Night                                             Shauna Gilligan

The Spanish Steps, Rome                                Byron Beynon

Ancestral Song                                              Maureen Weldon

Yield                                                             Aoife Reilly

Worrywart                                                     Brian Kirk

The Weight of a Song in My Mouth                    James C. Bassett

I Never Tire of the Moon                                  Stephanie Roberts

There She Goes Again                                     Sasha Burshteyn

As If                                                              Gill McEvoy

Grey Sky, Raindrops on the Window                 Richard W. Halperin

The Workhouse                                              Claire Loader

Mothering Sunday and a Blackbird Has

Ice-Cream on Its Beak                                    Alice West

Combing the Hair (‘La Coiffure’)                       Ciarán O’Rourke

Sounding 36                                                   Ray Malone

Beth                                                              Susan Millar DuMars

Dear future occupants,                                   Laurinda Lind

Ungeheures Ungeziefer                                   Anne Walsh Donnelly

Death Of Cuchulainn?                                      Michael Casey

Morning Room                                                Maria Isakova Bennett

The Tea Ceremony                                          Clare McCotter

Cleaning the Labyrinth                                    Lauren Camp

Love Me Anyway                                             Kory Wells

Where Are We Going                                       Karla Van Vliet

Atlantic Leather Co.                                        Douglas W. Milliken

Even a Monkey                                               Lisa C. Taylor

Rising                                                            Vinny Steed

Sisyphus in Paradise                                       Michael Derrick Hudson

Golden Boughs                                               Mary O’Brien

Coming of Age                                                Ellen Denton

Unleaving                                                       Ruth Thompson

Stalled Childhood                                            Okwudili Nebeolisa

Finding Madrid                                                Eamon Mc Guinness

Amateur Escapologists                                    John Wall Barger

Animal                                                           Alison McCrossan

My View of Things                                           Kevin Higgins

The Meaning of the Dog Digging in the Grass     Laura Foley

Losing Sight                                                   Jean Tuomey

And I Will Come Running                                 Joe Davies

reset: in the kitchen sometime after

midnight but well before dawn                        Barbara Turney Wieland

Winter Wasp                                                  Laura McKee

The Tribes of Grass                                         Nancy Holmes

The Secret Names of Objects                          Jonathan Greenhause

The Crannóg Questionnaire                                 Alan McMonagle

Artist’s Statement                                         Ruth McHugh

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