The Middle-White                                                                 Steve Wade 7

The Stretch of Love                                                         Robyn Rowland 12

'I Want to Visit the Impossible Garden …'                   Peter Stuart-Sheppard 14

To the Huy Fong Foods Company                                            Karen Rigby 16

Removal Day                                                                       Colin Dardis 17

Linedancing                                                               Aoibheann McCann 18

Mount Jerome                                                                     Amanda Bell 22

Last Chance                                                              Catherine Edmunds 23

The Devouring                                                                  Patrick Hansel 24

Sundial                                                                            Neil McCarthy 26

The Swimmer                                                                  Trevor Conway 27

Dream                                                                     Laura Del Col Brown 32

Gone, and Others Like Her                                                     Ann Howells 33

Leaving Home                                                                   Shannon Kelly 34

Cauldron and Drink                                                                   Tim Miller 35

Fado                                                                              Michael Spring 36

Someone Standing in the Dark                                          Michael McGlade 37

Where Do You See Yourself Ten Years From Now?                Bogusia Wardein 43

Imagine an Aging Miss Emily                                       Laura Treacy Bentley 44

Foundry                                                                         Bobbie Sparrow 46

The Christmas Party                                                              Kate Ennals 47

How She Spent Her Last Day                                                      Ojo Taiye 53

160 East 48th Street                                            Christine Valters Paintner 54

unhappy meals                                                                   John Reinhart 56

The Tourist                                                                     Benjamin Smith 58

Sir                                                                                      Justin Allen 59

Causeway                                                                           Maureen Hill 64

Poverty 1840                                                                  Rebecca Gethin 66

Bulsara                                                                         Patrick Chapman 67

Life360                                                                                  Ellen Kelly 68

Three Ways Of Falling                                                Kristin Camitta Zimet 74

Merrow                                                                                Suri Parmar 75

Winter Solstice                                                                Elizabeth Power 80

Magical Thinking                                                                Melanie Power 82

Gorilla                                                                         Fiona Pitt-Kethley 83

Butterfly                                                                              Anne Griffin 84

Before Its First Grave This Hillside                                          Simon Perchik 89

Gratitude Lines                                                                  Audrey Molloy 90

Morphogenesis                                                      Catherine Power-Evans 92

The Theft                                                                     Charles Wilkinson 94

Welcome                                                                          Fred Johnston 95

Marion’s Edge                                                                          Les Wicks 96

Encounter at Dharavi Slum                                                Kathy Robertson 98

The Crannóg Questionnaire                                                Mary O’Donnell 101

Artist’s Statement                                                             Jayshree Rai 106



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